Welcome to The Lucy Library! I’m Rachel, and I will be collecting titles in The Lucy Library to help you find the best in children’s stories! Growing up, stories like C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia were the part of my childhood that shaped me the most. Stories of valor, hope, and adventure broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the wonders and magic of the real world. Since then, I have spent many years babysitting for lots of families in Maryland and in New York City, and to my disappointment, I realized that lots of children’s stories don’t live up to all that they could be.

I believe children’s stories matter because children matter. And children deserve more from the stories we share with them. Stories can shape their hearts, minds, and their understanding of the world–so we should feed them stories full of courage, joy, and wonder.  The Lucy Library will contain some of the best stories recommended with imaginative and brave children in mind–that is, children who are like Lucy Pevensie herself. Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia was known for being loving, faithful, curious, and valiant.

I hope you and your families enjoy!