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Family Movie Night: Beautiful Fairy Tale Movies You Might Not Know

Let’s face it, most kids get way more excited about watching a movie than reading a book. While story books are a truly special part of childhood, relaxing as a family with a great movie can also be a great way to inspire your kids with beautiful stories!

There are some hidden fairytale gems in movies these days, if you know where to find them! In today’s blog post, I want to tell you about two of my favorites to consider for your next family movie night!

Title: The Little Prince

Available free through Netflix

It was C. S. Lewis who noted that the fear of being seen as childish is a very childish trait, yet so many adults still live with this fear. The Little Prince could be seen as an exploration of Lewis’ famous quote to his niece, “Someday, you’ll be old enough to read fairy tales again.” Based on the classic french children’s book, The Little Prince movie explores the inherent value of childish wonder and joy. Following the unlikely friendship between an ambitious little girl and an eccentric old pilot, the story champions friendship, beauty, bravery, and love!

Title: The Song of the Sea

Available free through Amazon Prime

This story is a rich fairy tale brought into the modern world. Drawing inspiration from Irish folklore and beautifully set in animation reminiscent of watercolor, The Song of the Sea grapples with deep themes in an accessible and redemptive way. When the story begins, you meet a lonely family shaped by the mysterious and suppressed grief of losing their mother. As the adventure unfolds, the family learns the importance of acknowledging their grief and cherishing each other, as they realize that life is so much more than it seemed! Sprinkled with humor and enchantment (and a beautiful sound track!) this story is sure to bless your family!

Thanks for letting me share two of my favorite fairy tale children’s movies with you! I’d love to hear any movie recommendations you have in the comments below!

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