Introducing McNally Jackson’s: Coffee & Books: A Fairytale for the Whole Family!

In my last post, I mentioned how one way to incorporate good stories into your family routine is to celebrate trips to the bookstore. This post is about looking at one of the best places to do just that in New York City! One of the most magical combinations in the world is coffee and books, so I got a recommendation from Kaitlyn, the coffee shop blogger behind Bean There Done That for the best coffee shop bookstore in the city!

Meet McNally Jackson!

This classic bookstore & coffeeshop features great brews and fresh local pastries and bagels as well as a rich selection of books, including a great children’s section to explore!


Both their locations in SoHo and in Williamsburg host book fairs with curated selections and weekly children’s storytimes every Saturday morning when they have authors come in to read their books aloud! What a perfect event to celebrate books and stories with children!

Kaitlyn raves about the Soho location: “McNally Jackson’s channels SoHo’s modern twist with the nostalgia of a good bookstore and an excellent cup of coffee. It’s the type of place that prints its own books and just invites people to live for hours on end. It fits just as well in the fictional Stars Hallow as it does across the street from some of the world’s best shopping boutiques!”

A warm cup of coffee and a good story book in a nostalgic bookstore sounds like a fairytale to me! Thanks for reading! Tell me about your trip to McNally Jackson in the comments below!

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