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Here are a few other places that you can find inspiration for finding the best stories for your children, whether fairy tales or modern story books! If you love stories and books and sharing the best stories with children, here are some other great sites to check out!

  1. N.D. Wilson: Wilson is an imaginative author of adventure stories, primarily chapter books. you can find him here:
  2. Sally Lloyd Jones: Jones is a Christian author here in NYC, who writes mostly picture books. Some of her books are more silly, others are sweet, but they are all “books you can trust for the children you love.” Find her here:
  3. Plumfield and Paidea: This is a good blog of a few homeschool moms with a deep love for stories. They call themselves “curators of things true, good, and beautiful.” They have a rich collection of children’s book reviews, plus some small press recommendations and other helpful pointers for finding the best children’s stories! Get to know them here:
  4. The Rabbit Room: The Rabbit Room is a community of Christian writers, artists, musics, and other culture-makers based in Tennessee. Their blog features inspiring meditations on ideas related to faith and wonder, and they often feature reviews of stories, both books and movies, that can be a good way to find quality recommendations. Explore the Rabbit Room here:
  5. AbeBooks: Lastly, if you are a book lover like me and the physical experience of the book matters almost as much as the story itself, you can track down beautiful copies of old or obscure titles or vintage copies of the best fairytales through AbeBooks. This is a great site that makes rare books available to anyone. This site is how my finace was able to track down a first edition copy of my favorite story, Till We have Faces by C.S. Lewis for me one Christmas, so it has a special place in my heart. Explore here:

Thanks for reading and exploring! Please comment if you know of other sites and places to find the best in children’s stories!

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  1. oldthingsmadenew says:

    Children’s books are my favorite, and it is really great to follow along with other people in the community who care as well!

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