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George MacDonald: The Princess and The Goblin

I am so excited to get to share another of my favorite George MacDonald stories with you all! Despite the rather bland title (sorry George), The Princess and the Goblin is no ordinary fairy tale. This is one of MacDonald’s many stories in which the heroes are actually children. This story centers around a little girl names Princess Irene and a little boy named Curdie.

Both Irene and Curdie are incredibly brave, and by faithfully trusting a good authority, Irene’s mysterious great great grandmother, they are able to overcome tremendous evil and terror. The story glorifies courage, honor, purity, and love. But like The Light Princess, it is also full of humor, excitement, and a good deal of silliness, which makes it a fun read for children of almost any age.

G. K. Chesterton called The Princess and the Goblin “the book that alters my whole existence” saying that “it remains the most real, the most realistic, in the exact sense of the phrase the most like life” of all the books he has ever read. Chesterton acknowledges that it is childish stories like this one that unexpectedly show us the true nature of reality–that the world is meaningful and magical in some real way.

This is a wonderful story to read with children because it can remind children and grown-ups that goodness is both lovely and powerful. It is a fairy tale that shows us true life.

I would love to hear what you think about this fairy tale in the comments below, and I can’t wait to share at least one more of my favorite George MacDonald stories with you next! Thanks for reading!


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