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George MacDonald: The Light Princess

As promised, this is the first review of one of George MacDonald’s most wonderful stories, The Light Princess! This is a breezy chapter book fairy tale, which can make a lovely read-aloud bedtime story!

The Light Princess starts out as a silly story about a princess who was cursed to be without the effects of gravity. This means she is so weightless that she floats, which causes all kinds of amusing difficulties! But this light-hearted scenario seamlessly develops into heavier layers of meaning, exploring the weightiness of life and the gravity of love.

The Light Princess is a story of redemption, revealing the wholeness and bravery that can come along with tears, as the light princess unexpectedly discovers her own gravity. The climactic scene is an act of sacrificial love for a very undeserving beloved, which is a tiny hint of the Christian gospel. Meanwhile, like any good fairy tale, it has some silly characters, jokes, moonlit magical lakes, old witches, and nursery rhymes, which makes it a fun read even for those who aren’t necessarily looking for the weighty themes.

This story will probably be an easier sell to audiences of little girls because of the word “princess” in the title, but it can be enjoyable for boys and girls and parents and children!

I would love to hear what you think about this fairy tale in the comments below, and I can’t wait to share a couple more George MacDonald favorites with you next! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nancy Salada says:

    My first experience with this book was as a judge at a speech and debate tournament. Two students hilariously acted out the story. So fun! I have always loved “kiddie lit” and am loving reading your posts.

    1. thelucylibrary says:

      That is too fun! A student acted version of the Light Princess would be something! 🙂 So glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. “Kiddie lit” as you say is really so fun and so important. It is wonderful to hear from someone who thinks so too!

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